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“Oh Chien” ….. “Oh Mee” ….. Do this sound familiar to you? Oh Chien basically means Fried Oyster and Oh Mee is Oyster Noodle in Chinese Hokkien dialect. This dish is very famous in Penang and good news to KL people that it is available in Klang Valley now. The stall is actually located in front of Din Tai Fung at The Gardens mall.

Food Point of Interest

Oyster King~* Oyster lover like me always hunting for FAT FRESH and JUICY oyster...*-* exspecially when i thought of the oyster mee which is so famous in Penang... i will just forget about the small dry little oyster over here...>.< OYSTER KING!!!~* =D

“Thanks to Coco for inviting us, a bunch (like about 20) of us conquered Oyster King in The Gardens. It is located next to the Korean stall Ko Hyang. We also celebrated Wilson‘s birthday (again!).

Truth be told, I never really fancy oysters. Even those big and fresh raw oysters, I still haven’t acquired the taste for them. Most of the time, I just squirt lemon on top and quickly swallow it! *LOL* But oh-chien, or fried oysters are a total different story. They’re easier to eat since they’re smaller in size, and they’re fried with eggs with starch, making the dish savoury and delicious.

So the other day I got invited by Wilson to has some yummy-licious food in The Garden. Paiseh la coz I didn't make up to work and after a long day at work, I look really unattractive in the following photos. =.=