About Us

OYSTER KING, best known with its signature dish Fried Oyster.

Fried Oyster, (better known as 'O-Chien' or ‘O-A-Cian’ in Hokkien), once made popular by hawkers and coffee shops, is recognized among locals and tourists alike as one of the best street food Malaysia has to offer. Regarded as a must-try when visiting Penang or Melaka, the same can now be said at famous shopping malls.

At Oyster King, you can also taste the famous Oyster Noodles, whereby you will enjoy the fresh oysters fried in dark special thick sauce served with noodles. We do serve up a menu of clams (known as “Lala”) delicacies such as Lala Fried MeeHoon and Lala Fried Rice that will satisfy everyone's palate.

OYSTER KING brings you a beautiful taste of street food in the comfort ambience of the mall and you will crave for it.